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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Chemical Formula Of Ghee | Ghee benefits | Ghee vs butter

What is ghee

Ghee is said to be a tastier and energy provider in Ayurveda. Therefore, Indian Ghee has been considered an integral part of our food for centuries. Ghee is not only chemically but also enhances the eyesight of the eyes. Its consumption in cold is considered to be particularly beneficial. Due to its own properties we can use it instead of butter.

Chemical formula of ghee / chemical composition of ghee

This is the chemical formula of ghee. / chemical composition of ghee Ghee is also known as Butter. Ghee plays important role in the body and help to improve body functions. there are many benefits of ghee in our daily life.

Ghee are widely used in India. Indians use it as a healthy food and daily nutrition.
the Chemical formula of ghee is given in Below Image.

Chemical Formula Of Ghee | Ghee benefits | Ghee vs butter
(C17H33COO)3 C3H5

Health Benefits of Ghee

Health Benefits of Ghee, Ayurveda, Cow Ghee Health benefits,
In fact, there are three such gourds in ghee, which should definitely be used for it. The first thing is that ghee contains short chain fatty acids, due to which it is easy to digest. They are also beneficial for our hormones, while there are more cholera fatty acids in butter, which are harmful. Ghee does not contain only calories. There are also many nutrients like Vitamin A, D and calcium, phosphorus, minerals, potassium. I know some of the main benefits of taking Ghee-

1. Maintains puberty
Ayurvedic belief is that drinking a teaspoon of cow's ghee and sugar candy in a glass of milk will remove physical, mental and brain weakness. Also, youth always remains. The old man with the black cow's ghee also becomes young. If a pregnant woman consumes ghee, then the fetus becomes muscular, strong and intelligent.

2. Enriched with antioxidant
When making ghee, three layers of ghee are made, the first layer is filled with water, which is taken out, after which the solid part of the milk is extracted, which leaves a golden saturated fat behind it. In which conjugated linoleic acid is found. This conjugated linoleic acid is known as helping to prevent lubricating connective tissues of the body and preventing weight loss. It is also true that ghee is rich in antioxidant properties.

3. Works in joint pain
Joint pain, or the stomach of the skin, or should be done, Panchkarma Purification, the use of ghee everywhere is fixed in Ayurveda. We know that our body mostly exposes harmful substances that are soluble in water, but ghee extracted fat-soluble harmful chemicals from our diet. Ghee is easier to digest, as well as the change in the alkaline form in the body also reduces the stomach inflammation (gastritis) due to excessive acidic food.

4. Is beneficial for the eyes
Mix one fourth spoon black pepper in a teaspoon cow's ghee, eat it empty while eating at night and sleeping at night. After that drink a glass of hot milk. Every kind of problem of the eyes will be overcome.

5. Anti-cancer
The anti-cancer properties are found in cow's ghee. Its daily intake becomes less likely to cause cancer. Especially, it works best in breast and bowel cancer.

6. Relieves fatigue
After sexual intercourse, weakness or tiredness, mixing cow's ghee in a glass lukewarm milk, fatigue and weakness are removed very quickly after drinking it.

7. Profitable in women's problem
The cow's ghee works like a panacea in the problem of pruning disease in women. Mix the cow's ghee, black gram and ground sugar together in equal quantity and make the locks and take the empty stomach.

8. Ghee and milk
In the winter, once a day, by adding ghee to milk, it becomes healthier. Due to drugs due to heat in the body or in the mouth, it works like a panacea. If the cough is troubling then cow's ghee issues on the chest will get relief soon.

Ghee vs butter

Both Ghee and Butter are eaten with great interest here. But most women enjoy eating and feeding butter more. Although they are unaware that ghee is more useful for their health or butter? Let's tell you that ghee is actually a clarified butter, which is made of saltless butter. However ghee is more useful than butter. Accepted this in Ayurveda and given importance to eating ghee instead of butter. Let us know why ghee is more useful than butter -

why ghee is more useful than butter

Promoting oz
According to Ayurveda, Ghee made from cow's milk is the most pure ghee. It improves the inside of us. Oz really balances our body's tissues and hormones. Not only this, our mind is calm and healthy only through the oz present in our body. At the same time, our disease resistant ability is better through oz, which increases our age and we live healthy life. While butter does not contain any of such properties.

Skin benefits
While ghee is rich in sattva properties, on the other hand butter is included in Tamasik food. If you take a little ghee and rub it in your navel, then your whole body skin is soft. You can say that ghee is a kind of moisturizer. Not only if your lips are drying, you can use ghee to soften your lips. In Ayurveda, ghee is also widely used as massage cream.

Calories, Fat and Cholesterol
Ghee is better than butter, even in calorie, fat and cholesterol. Ghee is the source of better concentrated fat than butter. In a table spoon of ghee where there are 13 grams of fat and 117 calories, one tablespoon butter contains 11 grams of fat and 100 calories. Ghee is natural antioxidant. So by eating this you improve the health of your body. But this can not be said for butter.

Alkaline effect
Whereas alkaline effect of ghee is lighter on the one hand, on the other hand, the alkalinean effect in butter does not affect acidic effects. Therefore, those who do not suit butter, they should avoid eating it. Tell one thing and tell you that ghee is easily absorbed by our body but it takes time to become butter. Not only this, you will surely know that if you mix ghee with some spices, then its quality increases.

It is not that all the benefits of ghee are present. There are a lot of benefits in it, despite this, it is better to eat it in Limit. If you eat it in a lot of amount, then there is a risk of cardiovascular growth. This kind of and many other diseases can give birth to it. If you are very fond of Ghee, then it is better that once you contact the specialist so that you do not have any obstruction in eating ghee.

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