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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Risk factors for heart disease

Risk factors for heart disease

Heart diseases include a wide spectrum of conditions which affect your heart. They includes Heart attack, Cardiac arrhythmia, Angina, High blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Thrombosis, Atherosclerosis and many more. Now a day heart diseases are the most common cause of death.

There are various factors which have major role in heart diseases. We have to care about our heart. If you will do better for our heart than we you reduce your chances of heart diseases.

1. Obesity and Physical inactivity-
You are at increased risk of heart disease if your body weight is more than 20% of the ideal weight or if you are fat and obese. The most common reason for this is physical inactivity or sedentary lifestyle. So it’s my suggestion to you start exercising regularly. You should exercise for 30-45 minutes for at least 5 days/week.

2. Unhealthy diet-
Taking a diet rich in saturated fats, salt and refined sugars can increase the risk of heart disease as well as other diseases. So you should take a lot of fruits, vegetables, nut, whole grains in your diet and avoid fried food, excess salt and fast foods.

3. Smoking
Smokers have more than twice the risk of heart attack as compared to non smokers. Passive smoke also has an increased risk. So quit smoking and never start at all and live far from smokers.

4. High blood pressure
Hypertension or High blood pressure is one of the most common heart disease risk factor. You should keep the blood pressure in control through diet, exercise and medications.

5. High cholesterol
The risk of heart disease increases as the total amount of fat or lipids in your blood increases. They may cause of blockade of coronary artery and may cause of angina and other heart diseases. So it’s my personal suggestion to you, Take diet low in fat and reduce taken of fried food.

6. Diabetes-
Diabetes itself can cause significant damage to the heart and along with other risk factors; it can have an additive effect. Keep your diabetes in control by making lifestyle changes like healthy diet, exercise and routing blood tests & health checkups.

7. Stress
People who takes more stress, they are at much higher risk of heart diseases as compared to normal people. In this modern life, there are various stress but try to de-stress yourself by indulging in hobbies or activities which you like. Always happy with your family, friends and lover. They will make you de-stress.

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