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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Abhishek D Chouhan

Risk factor for cancer

Risk factor for cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. If the spread is not controlled, it can result in death. Cancer is caused by external factors, such as tobacco, infectious organisms, and an unhealthy diet, and internal factors, such as inherited genetic mutations, hormones, and immune conditions.

The major risk factors for cancer are tobacco, alcohol consumption, infections, dietary habits and behavioral risk factors. This offers the prospect for initiating primary and secondary prevention measures for control and prevention of cancers.

Increased risk factor 

Betel quid chewing
High body mass index
Saturated fat intake
Human papillioma virus
Tobacco use
High temperature foods
Chilies & spicy foods
Dry fish
High consumption of rice
H. pylori 

Decreased risk factor 

Diet high in vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs
Vit. C & E
Diet high in carotenoids 
Diet high in fish
High physical activity
Green tea, Turmeric, Tomato, Basil

Abhishek D Chouhan

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