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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lemon grass

Lemon grass

Lemon grass (Cymbogon citrates, is one of the species that one can use for commercial production) is a tropical grass type originally from India. It derives its name from its strong fresh lemon scent. In Africa, it is quite often used as an ornamental plant. It is a tufted perennial grass with numerous stiff leafy stems arising from short rhizomatous roots. The leaves can grow up to a height of 2m. It is a perennial crop and has an economic lifespan for about 5 years.

1. Lemon grass can be used as a mosquito repellent, tea, and in culinary dishes.

2. It is very important that you don’t drink lemon grass tea every day because this may cause harmful effects on the human health but as a medicinal it is very good to use.

3. Lemon grass leaves made into a paste with buttermilk can be applied for ringworm.

4. A decoction of .the leaves can be locally applied on rheumatic joints and sprains.

5. Tea from the leaves with black pepper is used in congestion and disordered menstruation

6. As a mosquito repellent, it might be useful to have some plants around the house especially where the entrance or the windows are

7. In a culinary dish, you can use a stalk of the plant and pound it as garlic. The dish will get a lemon flavor. Remove the stalk before serving the food.

8. Leaves without any spots or browning can be used for the tea industry. The other leaves can be used to distill oil.

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