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Monday, April 4, 2016

Drx. Kushwah Lalit

job requirement for pharmaceutical area

Education Requirements and Career InfoLearn about the education and preparation needed to become a pharmaceutical chemist. Get a quickview of the requirements, as well as details about career options and job outlook. Education Requirements:-- A career in pharmaceutical chemistry requires a bachelor's degree at the very least. Most professionals have earned a master's or doctoral degree. Earning a Bachelor of Science in chemistry or chemical engineering is usually the first step. Some schools offer undergraduate programs devoted specifically to pharmaceutical chemistry, but for the most part, thatspecialization is reserved for higher levels of education.Typical coursework in an undergraduate chemistry program includes classes in physics, biology,advanced mathematics and computer science, as well as organic, inorganic, biomolecular, physical and analytical chemistry. Students planning to specialize in the pharmaceutical field should place particular emphasis on analytical chemistry and biology.Graduate degree programs in pharmaceutical chemistry introduce advanced hands-on training in research and analysis, along with courses in medical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutical engineering. Career Information:-- Pharmaceutical chemists design and synthesize new drugs for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as evaluate drugs already on the market. There are two primary types of pharmaceutical chemists.Synthetic pharmaceutical chemists, also known as medicinal chemists, devote their work to the creation of new drugs. They work to create products that provide the greatest possible benefits with the fewest negative side effects, while simultaneously keeping the production process cost effective.Analytical pharmaceutical chemists, develop and apply stringent methods of chemical analysis to the product before it goes on the market,ensuring that the drug is pure and that the molecular elements of its structure are easy to determine for toxicological and pharmacological purposes.Pharmaceutical drug development isa major part of the evolving field of medical technology, and chemists are greatly sought by the pharmaceutical industry for their skills in analyzing and manipulating the properties of medicine. It is possible to use a career in pharmaceutical chemistry as a stepping stone to a senior management position in a biotech firm, though additional education in business fundamentals may be required.

 Drx. Kushwah Lalit

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