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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Interesting facts about human body

Interesting facts about human body

We waste average 122 days in sleeping in 365 days of year.
Human burns 2.6 calorie in one kiss.
We take approximate 500 Kg food in one year.
Human liver can perform 500 different types of work.
There are bacteria increases 700 times via the use of headphone till one hour.
Our brain is fastest computer which Processes on speed of more than 3000 giga hertz.
Cells of liver replaces automatically in some year.
Blood take 23 second for circulate in our whole body.
Gents uses left part of brain for listening whereas ladies use both part.
Blood travel 12000 mile in our body in 24 hours.
The gastric acid which is secreting in our stomach is very powerful that is able to melt the iron.
Human body has totally 230 movable and semi movable joint.
Children lost his approx half nerve cells before born.
Human brain is soft as butter.
30 year old people need double oxygen than 80 years old people.
The cough removes at 60 mile per hour speed from mouth of human.
One healthy liver processes 720 liter blood daily.
Only 4 percent nerve cell works, other is reserve.
Morning breakfast help to spend 5 to 20 percent energy of whole day.
Nervous system transmits messages at speed of 180 mile per hour to brain.
Our muscle of jaw is the most powerful muscle in the human body.
Human body take 6 hour to digest high fat food whereas take 2 hour for carbohydrate.
Bacteria are more than cells in our body.
Infant gets his fingerprints within three months in gastrulates.
The dust mostly comes from our dead skin which present in our house.
Human body takes half hour to build one cell.
The weight of our skin is approx 4 to 5 Kg.
There are downward part of spinal cord is most sensitive.
Approximate maximum age of hair is 7 year.
80 percent saliva forms more during smell of our favorite food.
The dangerous of cancer of lung is half by diet of apple.
AFIL tower’s design built to see the human bone.
The dangerous of heart attack and stroke is twice when disease of gums is found.
There is 13 times more possibility of death of ladies than gents within one year of heart attack.
The sound produces on break of fingers, which is produced by burst of nitrogen bubbles.
There are hair grows very fast on face compare to other parts of outside body.
Ladies moves pupil two times compare to gents.
Babies started to take dreams before born.
Our body gets wholly paralyzed when we goes into rapid movement on sleep.
There 1.5 crore blood cells are destroys in every second in human body.

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