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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Abhishek D Chouhan



According to surveys, around 5% hospital admission are due to ADR cases. In year 1994 around 1,06,000 people died and around 2.216,000 people hospitalized because of serious ADR. Around rupee 481-690 / month are spend by  patient due to ADR according ton the survey in year 2007. According to World Health Organization 87 lacs people get hospitalized due to drug-drug interaction and ADR.

                   The main causes for ADR and drug-drug interaction are prescription load, discontinuation of prescription , lack of knowledge and awareness.

     Adverse event according to the class of drug involved – Antimicrobial agents causes maximum around 42.6% of ADR, while cardiovascular disease causes 8% , respiratory 7.2% and diuretics 2.8%.
National pharmacovigilance programme are conducted in India for reducing the rate of ADR and DDI cases by managing the medication load on the patients.

        This can only be approached by pharmacovigilance i.e. the science and activities resulting to the detection assessment understanding and prevention of adverse effect of drug.

         The clinical management for the reduction of prescription load and its adverse effects (ADR and DDI) can be done by using the alternatives such as DASH, patient counseling for disease knowledge and awareness, lifestyle modification.

            Change in the lifestyle in a positive way reduce atleast few percents of medication load. This positive change can be adopted by balanced diet and exercises along with some precautions which is to be taken to prevent the bad effects diseases and drugs.

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