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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Abhishek D Chouhan

Cooking tips

Cooking tips

Steam or cook vegetables in just a small amount of water to avoid losing nutrients.

Add a dab of soft, non-hydrogenated margarine or drizzle balsamic vinegar to enhance the flavor of vegetables.

Save time by using pre-washed, bagged salads, pre-sliced mushrooms, and pre-cut squash.

Cut up extra vegetables when preparing dinner. Toss the extras in tomorrow night’s casserole, chili or stir-fry.

Use separate crisper drawers for vegetables and fruit. Most fruit naturally give off a harmless gas called ethylene that will make the vegetables spoil faster.

Keep pears, peaches, plums, tomatoes and cantaloupe at room temperature to help them ripen faster.

Store apples in the fridge. They soften 10 times faster at room temperature.

Freeze bananas that are overripe. They’re fantastic in shakes and in homemade banana bread or muffins.

Store species in a cool, dark place, not above stove.

Moisture, light and heat may cause herbs and species to lose their flavor because they loss their volatile content.

Abhishek D Chouhan

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