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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blood and blood products

Blood and blood products

Effective blood transfusion therapy depends on availability of different blood components.
Components used separately or in combination can meet most patients transfusion needs and keep the risk of transfusion to minimum

Separation of blood components are desirable because
1. Separation of blood components allows optimal survival for each component.
2. Allows transfusing specific blood components according to the need of the patient.
3. Allows use of unnecessary component which may be contraindicated in a patient.
4. Several patients can be treated from one unit of donated blood.
5. Use of blood components supplements blood supply and adds to the blood inventory.

BLOOD PRODUCT = any therapeutic substance prepared from human blood.
WHOLE BLOOD = un-separated blood collected into an approved container containing an anticoagulant preservative solution
BLOOD COMPONENT = A constituent of blood, separated from whole blood such as
1. Red cell concentrate
2. Plasma
3. Platelet concentrates
3.1 Plasma or platelets collected by apheresis 
3.2 Cryoprecipitate prepared from fresh frozen plasma 

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