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What is biomaterial?

What is biomaterial?
The field of biomaterial science is widely important. Firstly we should know what are biomaterials?
During the last two decades, significant advances have been made in the development of biocompatible and biodegradable materials for medical applications.
In the biomedical field, the goal is to develop and characterize artificial materials or, in other words, “spare parts” for use in the human body to MEASURE, RESTORE and IMPROVE physical functions and enhance survival and quality of life.
Biomaterials are used to make devices to replace a part or a function of the body in safe, reliably economically, and physiologically acceptable manner. A variety of devices and materials are used in the treatment of disease or injury. Commonplace examples include suture needles, plates, teeth fillings, etc.
In another words, a synthetic material used to make devices to replace part of a living system or to function in intimate contact with living tissue.

There are various biomaterials are uses in organs like

Heart - Cardiac pacemaker, artificial heart valve, totally artificial heart
Lung - Oxy-generator machine
Eye - Contact lens, intraocular lens
Ear - Artificial stapes, cochlea implant
Bone - Bone plate, intra-medullary rod
Kidney - Kidney dialysis machine
Bladder - Catheter and stent

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