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The Lost Relationship

Happiness is our birth right since constitutionally we are all eternal and individual spirit souls, parts and parcels of God, full of knowledge and bliss. Still we see so few people happy. Everyone is looking for happiness that is permanent, ever increasing, shared with loved ones and full of variety. And what stops us from achieving such happiness? PROBLEMS!

The type of happiness that people are experiencing at the moment is relative happiness because they are busy solving only the relative problems which keep changing with time, place and circumstance. Hence, the happiness keeps eluding us.

It doesn't stay with us forever. If we want real happiness, we have to solve the real problems which are seven in number as per the scriptures- 1) Birth 2) Old Age 3) Disease 4) Death and Miseries caused by the 5) mind and body 6) by other living entities and 7) by natural disasters.

Unless we strive to put an end to these real miseries, we cannot expect real and permanent happiness. The root cause of all our problems is our lost connection with God. Just like a child who has disconnected himself from his wealthy father undergoes various miseries and also gets free from the same as soon as the connection is re-established and no longer has to depend on any outsider for his survival, similarly as soon as we revive our relationship with God, we become free from all miserable conditions. And the most powerful way to do so in today's day and age is to chant the holy names of God,
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