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Love to your heart

Love to your heart3

I think every human loves someone in his/her life. Someone is special for human. Love is the great feeling of the world. But we should also love to our body, our health, our heart.

In this modern life, we ignore our health and love someone else. Sorry it just a joke but we have to love our heart. If we ignore the health of our heart than it might be possible we will face a large amount of problem that may cause of death.

A number of common risk factors are recognized as increasing the likelihood of individuals developing atherosclerosis. 
There are three broad groups. Fixed risk factors are by definition un-modifiable, but are taken into account in advising people about their overall risk:
Family history/genetic factors.
Lifestyle/behavioral risk factors reflect an individual’s circumstances and choices, and can be changed for the better to reduce personal risk:
Physical inactivity
Poor diet
Harmful use of alcohol
‘Bodily’ risk factors reflect changes to body systems that are also reversible or preventable in their early stages, but may require more medical treatment:
Hypertension/raised blood pressure
Raised cholesterol/disordered lipids
Impaired glucose tolerance/diabetes
Chronic kidney disease
So always eat healthy and always care your heart, live healthy by love your heart.
I love my heart and you love your heart.

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