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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Do you know about Medicated chewing gum?

Do you know about Medicated chewing gum?

The first medicated chewing gum was introduced in the USA in 1924. These are solid, single dose preparations with a base consisting mainly of gums that are intended to be chewed but not swallowed. They contain one or more active substances which are released by chewing. Chewing Gum (CG) has proven value as a delivery vehicle for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients. In recent years, chewing gums are considered to be friendly oral mucosal drug delivery systems. Chewing gum has been used for delivering the active drug (such as nicotine for smoking cessation therapy).

Medicated chewing gums has various advantages like-
Chewing gum can be used without water, at any time, and everywhere.
Incorporated therapeutic agents are protected from oxygen, light, and water.
Product stability is good.
Chewing gum can produce both local effects and systemic effects.
Fewer side effects
Effect on dry mouth
Pleasant taste

A Chewing gum base consist mixture of
1. Elastomers
2. Plasticizers
3. Fillers or Textisizers
4. Resins
5. Emulsifiers and fats
6. Antioxidants
7. Colorants and Whiteners
8. Sweeteners
9. Flavoring Agents

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