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How to have good education policy

Education doesn't means to get knowledge about any subject or any field. It means to get knowledge that can be beneficial for human being. This is depends only on practical knowledge about anything. So education should be based on practical knowledge.

School/college should have interested to make good human in all terms of social qualities. They should not be involve in education for business purpose.

There should be necessary to include moral science subject in all types of primary education to enhance moral responsibilities towards nation and for all humanity.

I have heard in a leading newspaper that 80 percent Indian engineering student is not eligible for job. Same condition with doctors of madhyapradesh that deals with VYAPAM. So which kind of education it is? We  must change this situation of education.

Some people says that all education should be in hindi language or regional language because English language is hard for Indian students but it's wrong. I have true love for our national language hindi but I think English is more important than hindi language in this world. If students go towards education in hindi then Indian student will not compete with foreign students  in terms of technology, culture, IT and all area. Most students don't survive in job without better knowledge of English language.

Education system should also include the physical activity that makes healthy India.

Indian education system should include
Physical activity classes
Self defense classes
Moral science as a subject
English necessary
Practical or skill based knowledge that can  be apply
5, 8 classes also conduct as board exams to enhance quality of education
Highly strict action against fraud that related to education
Economic education
Financial support to students
Each student is important for education

So at last I want to say that our Indian education system should be change now to enhance moral qualities and better knowledge that shows India is most important part of the world.

Without education it is not possible to grow any country.

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