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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ankit Karma

How to attract people towards myself and create a strong social presence?

1. Be yourself. Never try to copy
anyone else. Be positive and
confident about your own
2. Learn to communicate well,
improve your English speaking
3. Understand the difference
between confidence and
arrogance. To show your
confidence you don’t need to be
rude to anyone.
4. Make a plan in your life and try to
live life according to that.
5. Be a good listener, let other speak
their thoughts and listen them
carefully in a discussion.
Otherwise you cannot make them
speak while you are talking.
6. Be the owner of a clean mind,
body and attitude. The owner of a
charming personality with a clean
mind can win worse situations.
7. It is good to be work hard but it is
better to work smart. Try to be
productive and enjoy your work.
8. Be calculative about spending
time and money, both are
9. Be gentle and polite, but at the
same time be firm while
organizing something. Don’t let
anyone take advantages of your
10. Be helpful to others.
11. And most important, be honest in
your personal and professional
Hope this discussion will help you to
understand what is personality development
and also help you to obtain sharpness in
your personality.

Ankit Karma

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