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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Abhishek D Chouhan

Do you know Interesting facts about your favourite food

Interesting facts about food

1. Potato wafers is the most etable snacks.

2. There are orange flavour mostly used in the world after vanilla and chocolate.

3. Honey never spoil.

4. Mostly used drug is tea.

5. Tea is mostly used liquid in our life after water.

6. The shell of hen's egg is made from calcium carbonate.

7. When you chop onions, your eyes can burn because a chemical reactions produces is sulphuric acid.

8. According to a record, the length of longest carrot of world is 17 feet.

9. Cabbage has quantity of iodine more than other vegetable.

10. The largest quantity of orange grows in Brazil.

11. The colour of orange is green in hot states.

12. Orange is known as golden apple in Europe.

13. Human body have sugar as in quantity that can sweet 10-20 cup of tea.

14. 80 percent saliva forms during smell of our favourite food.

15. Morning breakfast helps to spend 5 to 20 percent of whole day.

Abhishek D Chouhan

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